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An Early American Quilt
A 22-year retrospective including live, newly recorded, and previously recorded HESPERUS performances chronicling the Colonial experience, from the 17th c. arrival of the first settlers through the American Revolution.

Early American Quilt

Tina Chancey plays Scottish and Irish Music
Tina's first solo recording featuring the viola da gamba playing Celtic jigs, reels, airs, variation sets, parlor sonatas, with Scott and friends.

The Versatile Viol II: Tina Chancey plays Leclair Violin Sonatas on Pardessus de Viole
Viol II
Food of Love
Renaissance instrumental music from the British Isles. Dances, ayres, divisions and variations, featuring HESPERUS’ trademark­—improvisation.
Food Love
My Thing Is My Own
Bawdy songs from Thomas D’urfey’s collection Pills to Purge Melancholy. D’Urfey wrote original words to common tunes. Some were political or topical, but these explore the full range of love, sex, and seduction in the 18th century.
My Thing is My Own
Dancing Day
Traditional Christmas music from the British Isles, Italy, and Germany spanning the Middle Ages to the 18th century with Rosa Lamoreaux.
Dancing Day

Spain In The New World
Spanish and Native American music from New Spain, 16th to 18th centuries.

Baroque Recorder Concerti
Concertos by Telemann, Vivaldi, Graupner, Naudot, and Babel featuring recorder virtuoso Scott Reiss.
Celtic Roots
Award-winning recording of Scottish and Irish traditional music from the earliest written sources.

Luminous Spirit-Chants of Hildegard von Bingen
Soprano Rosa Lamoreaux sings the chants of the 12th-century abbess, to the improvisational accompaniment of Scott Reiss (recorder and hammered dulcimer) and Tina Chancey (vielle and kamenj).

Luminous Spirit
I Love Lucette
Songs and instrumentals from the French Renaissance theater, with Rosa Lamoreaux.
Love Lucette
The medieval/Appalachian fusion of the HESPERUS crossover trio (Scott Reiss, Tina Chancey and Bruce Hutton) is expanded to include Scandinavian and African world music, joined by award-winning Old-Time fiddler Bruce Molsky.
Medieval polyphony and improvisations on lute, recorder, vielle, saz, dombek, kamenj, dulcimer and vielle with Scott Reiss, Tina Chancey, and Grant Herreid.
Barthelemy de Caix: Six Sonatas for two Pardessus de Viole
The Duo Guersan, Tina Chancey and Catherina Meints, perform this remarkable collection of duets for the rarest of rare early instruments, the pardessus.
Early American Roots
Tina Chancey, Scott Reiss and Mark Cudek explore a cross-section of the most vital popular music from Colonial and Federal America.
Early Roots
A re-issue of HESPERUS’ popular crossover CD For No Good Reason At All, a fusion of medieval, Renaissance, Appalachian, ragtime, vaudeville and the blues, all on more than 25 early and traditional instruments.
Colonial America
From the first colonists to the American Revolution and the birth of our republic, Hesperus' music reflects a time of new ideas, freedom and vitality. In town and village, parlor and ballroom, from the Appalachian mountains to the great concert halls hear the musical pulse of early American music performed on a wide variety of fok and early music instruments.
Colonial America
The Banshees Wail
Scott Reiss's tour-de-force on recorders and Irish whistle, with the
legendary percussionist Glen Velez, consummate guitar and bazouki player Zan
McLeod, and virtuoso early/traditional string player Tina Chancey.
Banshees Wail